Welcome, Write 31 Day-ers and Five Minute Free Writers.

Welcome to my house. Come freely, go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring.

Who can resist a dramatic entrance?

It’s October, the most wonderful time of the year. (Hey, Halloween is in the heart.) It’s also time for a writing challenge – to write every day, for 31 days.

For this blogging challenge, I’ll be writing about why I’m not writing. There are so many good reasons to not write, am I right, or am I right? It will be 31 Days of NOPE. Not so tough now, are you, writer’s block? Neener neener. I’ll be doing a mix of my own thing, and prompts from both challenges.

So, to begin.

I didn’t write today because it’s the first day of this challenge. I’ll start writing tomorrow. It’s only the first day, and I need to pace myself. Today I’m far too busy and stressed, and I have too many blogs to visit because y’all are such good writers. STOP BEING SO INTERESTING. Tomorrow is soon enough. There’s plenty of time to get started. No one starts off this challenge on the first day with a full post, right? Today is for shaking babies and kissing hands and admiring everyone else’s ideas. This is not the real start of the writing challenge.

Besides, I can do a better job tomorrow, when I’m rested and have more time and feel more creative and have less to do and have taken the time to visit 47,220 other blogs to make sure I’m doing this right and to psych myself out that I’m not good enough to participate because everyone else is so much better than I am and it’s definitely a contest and not just a personal challenge.

Tomorrow. I’ll write the first real blog post tomorrow. That’s soon enough.

So that’s why I’m not writing today. It’s only the first day. I have pleeenty of time.

31 Posts of Nope:
Day 1: Today. Right here, right now. This very post.
Day 2: It’s raining.
Day 3: It’s sunny.
Day 5: Five Minute Friday: Share
Day 6: A most sincere haiku of nope.
Day 7: Weekend link love
Day 8: Tasty, tasty grief.
Day 9: Too tired to be inspired.
Day 10: CoDA
Day 11: It’s my birthday, and I’m sad.
Day 12: Five Minute Friday: You’ve got this.
Day 13: Weekend Link Love
Day 14: I know I’m not writing today, that’s for sure.
Day 15: Halfway! Time to slack off.
Day 16: I don’t wanna. You can’t make me.
Day 17: But I’ve just done my nails, darling.
Day 18: Thursday 13: You live where?
Day 19: Five Minute Friday: Sundowners in Whoville.
Day 20: Potentially Nonsense is filmed before a live imaginary audience.
Day 21: It’s my first ex-anniversary, and boy are my arms tired.
Day 22: Weekend Link Love, sans weekend, with unexpected rabbits.
Day 23: My own private Ida-nope.
Day 24: The banshee scream of Netflix.
Day 25: Thursday 13: Say what?
Day 26: Five Minute Friday: Moment
Day 27: I’m too busy making soup.
Day 28: Personality defrag
Day 29: Insane courage, lodgepole pine, and having a voice.
Day 30: Come closer.
Day 31: The finish line. BAM.

Oh, wow. Are you still reading? Niiiiiice. If you’re comfortable with receiving snail mail, let me know in the comments. (Don’t post your address there! Link to your site, and I’ll visit and drop you a line.) I’ll mail you a small bit of sunshiny happiness as a thank you for reading all the way to the bottom. This is open to the first three responses that mention it, on the first day of the 2018 Write 31 Days Challenge.

Welcome, and thank you so much for visiting. You’re awesome.