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Thursday 13: You live where?

I’m trying something different, today, and doing a Thursday 13.

BEHOLD[note]It will make more sense later[/note]. Here is my list of 13.

13 of the wildest place names I’ve seen this week.

1. Rosebud, AR
2. Humble, TX
3. Dawson Bottom Rd
4. Suds Run Rd
5. Peabody Ave
6. Hidden Forest Ln
7. Whistling Duck Way
8. Goose Creek, SC
9. Scenic Dr
10. Marsh Rabbit Way
11. Jupiter, FL
12. Flowery Branch, GA
13. Frozen Dog Rd

And one that defies numbering, and I swear is a real thing: Sloppy Deadening Rd. Honestly I thought someone was having a lark. Nope. Real road name.

If you’d like to share any funny or odd place names, I’d love to hear them. Who can’t use a smile?


In case you could use a smile, too. This Grumpy Cat cracked me up so much the first time I read it.

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10 thoughts on “Thursday 13: You live where?

  1. Some of my favorites:
    Christmas, FL (people drive there to mail their cards. of course.)
    Satan’s Kingdom, MA (I don’t know why this is a thing. Probably Puritans. But it’s hilarious.)
    Breakneck Hill Rd (I drive by a sign for this every time I go to work. It sounds terrible.)

    1. Oh my gosh, I wonder if I can get mail from Satan’s Kingdom? That would be amazing! And be careful on Breakneck Hill Rd. Yikes!

  2. Cool list! I grew up in a (fairly) small town in Connecticut. My section of town was called Hazardville. One of my Step-Daughters lives in Virginia, keeps urging her mother and me to join her there; says we could live in nearby Bumpass. I can never figure out if it’s Bump Ass or Bum Pass. Either way, I think I’m staying here in Vermont.

  3. Woman Hollering Creek 🙂

    I know I have some others, but they are not coming to me right now.

    Coincidentally, I know someone who lives in Flowery Branch, GA.

    Humble, TX is a suburb of Houston. I lived in a suburb of Houston for most of my life, so I know the area well. Texans pronounce it “Umble”…without the “H”.

    1. ‘Umble sounds so very cliche’ English. I live in ‘Umble, Texas, guv’na. I love it! But… I love “Woman Hollering Creek” even more.

  4. These are great! There is a Climax in North or South Carolina, can’t remember which, but we pass the sign when we drive to Myrtle Beach. I always get a chuckle out of it. Thanks for joining us in Thursday 13!

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