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Oh, the places you’ll go.

It’s time for another thrilling adventure with Thursday 13, on a very silly subject. I will say that now two of my coworkers are hitting me up with odd place names they run across, now. I see my devious plans… Continue Reading →

This must be the place

I love language, and I love place names. So of course, I’m sharing that love while participating in Thursday 13. I got a little off track because my apartment manager lost my lease, then decided I had to sign a… Continue Reading →

Thursday 13: Say what?

This is my second week of trying out Thursday 13. It’s kind of fun. I find myself actively watching for weird place names, now. Top 13 fantastic place names I’ve seen this week: 1. Stardust Way 2. Vassal Ct 3…. Continue Reading →

Thursday 13: You live where?

I’m trying something different, today, and doing a Thursday 13. BEHOLD[note]It will make more sense later[/note]. Here is my list of 13. 13 of the wildest place names I’ve seen this week. 1. Rosebud, AR 2. Humble, TX 3. Dawson… Continue Reading →

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