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Thursday 13: Say what?

This is my second week of trying out Thursday 13. It’s kind of fun. I find myself actively watching for weird place names, now.

Top 13 fantastic place names I’ve seen this week:

1. Stardust Way
2. Vassal Ct
3. Apple Valley, CA
4. Effort, PA
5. Happiness Ln
6. Waddy, KY
7. Supply, NC
8. Bumpnose Rd
9. Bunnie Dr
10. Pond Shores Rd
11. Porch St
12. Newcomerstown, OH
13. Spotswood, NJ

These were shared via comments, last week:

* Hazardville, CT and Bumpass, VA were proposed by Ron at Scrambled, not Fried.
* Christmas, FL and Satan’s Kingdom, MA[note]Of course it’s in Massachusetts. I love it.[/note] and Breakneck Hill Rd were shared by the amazing Jen.
* Batman Thumper Rd and Merlin’s Way were nominated by Colleen, who has the best notes.
* Country Dew slayed me with Climax, NC. I would love to send a postcard from there.

Are there any place names that have tickled your fancy? Do fancies even like being tickled? It’s probably best to ask, first.

And in case you’re having a hard day, this is a terrible photo of something that made me smile, recently.

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8 thoughts on “Thursday 13: Say what?

  1. There is a place (not a town, not a hamlet, just a place) not far from here called Snagerty. It’s not on very many modern maps, but the people who live there know they live in Snagerty and I think it tickles them to be there. It’s also a wonderful name to say.

    And a road I use now and then, called Little Falls Bridge Road…

    1. “Snagerty” is fantastic! And I wonder who thought putting “falls” in the name of a bridge was a good idea? Someone with a fun sense of humor, probably. Thank you so much for visiting.

  2. I like the photo; it made me smile. We have a lot of strange names for areas in my community. Wild Cat Holler is a good one. It is a poorer area but well-known for bedecking itself in crazy Christmas lights. “You gonna see the lights in Wild Cat Holler?” is something you hear a lot after Thanksgiving.

    1. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. It sounds very much like something from my home town. I grew up on Bear Wallow Rd, near Polecat Ridge. Gotta love it.Thank you for the smile.

  3. Yeah, TT is a lot of fun! I’ve been doing it off and on for about 11 years now. I participated in the old one. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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