A most sincere haiku of nope

Today’s Write 31 Days prompt is: HAIKU.

I write nothing, while,
In this October of nope,
I write all the things.

This blog has been taken over by the Write 31 Days challenge. Here’s the sweet, sweet index of all my posts of nope.


  1. Neta

    I can relate. My goal is to work on a memoir (for posterity), and now I’m totally involved in this 31 Day Challenge, writing every day (!), but am I really just avoiding serious writing?!

    • Jae

      I think maybe writing begets more writing. It’s like alphabet bunnies getting busy and suddenly the blog is full of goodness and there’s somehow a book sitting on the coffee table. At least, I hope it is.

  2. Jen

    lolz. Ironic. Perfect.