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Halfway! Time to slack off.

Is it the 15th? Oh man, FINALLY. It’s the Halfway Point of Doom, folks. DOOM. We made it through the entire first half of this wacky challenge! You know what that means, right?

Time to slack off.

Don’t I deserve a break, today? Just an itty bitty kitty breather? I sure do.


That’s why I’m not writing today – it’s the halfway mark, and I can take a little break, now. Isn’t that what the best marathoners do? Have a little siesta partway through, to rest, recharge, and reorient?

They don’t? Sucks for them, then, doesn’t it, because that’s what I’m doing.

Hellloooooo slack day.

What should I do? Take a walk? Eat a pie? Surf the ‘net for six hours? Sit on the couch thumbing through Twitter? The possibilities are endless. Anything, ANYTHING that doesn’t involve writing this post. That’s what I’ll do.

I mean, there’s no need to keep pushing so hard. This is in the bag. I’ve already done fifteen posts. I’ve outlined a few of the upcoming posts. I’m ahead! I should take a day or two or three to pre-celebrate my inevitable [note]Have you ever notice how the word “inevitable” always feels a bit villainous? [/note]upcoming success.

It’s definitely not like when I try an online class and I go all bats to the wall[note]No bats were harmed or inconvenienced in the writing of this post.[/note] for the first half, decide I’m a wee bit ahead and can back off, then take months to finish or never finish at all. This is completely different.

With 15 posts down and 16 to go, I can definitely afford to skip today. No one actually writes all 31 days, right? It’s not like the challenge is called “Write 31 Days” or anything.

Oh, wait. It is. My bad. Well, I’m not writing today, anyway, because I’ve earned this little break, right in the middle of the road. It’s like my hometown, where two cars often just stop in the middle of the road so the drivers can chat. True story. People wait for them to finish, and then everyone drives on.

I’m so damn homesick, right now.

That’s why I’m not writing, today. It’s the halfway point, y’all! Whoo!


This blog has been taken over by the 2018 Write 31 Days challenge. Here’s the sweet, sweet index of all my posts of nope.

2 thoughts on “Halfway! Time to slack off.

  1. Your comment about people stopping their cars in the middle of the road to talk (and people waiting for them to finish) made me smile. People in my rural area stop on the road to talk to one another as well. Granted, we live on a dirt/gravel road.

    I can understand your being homesick if you are from a place like this. I didn’t feel like I was ‘home’ until we moved here. My husband feels the same way. We know almost all of our neighbors out there, and they feel like family. When we lived in the ‘burbs, we really didn’t know our neighbors at all.

    In this age of computers and cell phones, I hope people never stop chatting when passing each other in the road. 🙂

    Congrats on reaching the halfway mark!

    1. I can hear that you get it. Yep – my hometown has one paved road, right through the middle of it, and the rest are dirt. Sometimes the city will oil the roads to keep the dust down. I know part of my homesickness is just wanting the familiar after so much change, but I think part is legitimate. Eugene is so domesticated. I miss the possibility of getting up, and seeing a porcupine in a tree in the front yard. I’m so glad you found a place that’s home! It sounds lovely.

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