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Thursday 13: That’s pure Bull St, man.

I’m really enjoying the challenge of Thursday 13. It’s kind of fun. I find myself actively watching for weird place names, now.

13 of the wildest place names I’ve seen this week.

1. Greyhawk Rd
2. Avenue Rd
3. Bull St
4. Normal, IL
5. Zigzag Rd
6. Pumpkin Town Rd
7. Hamlet Dr
8. Eureka, IL
9. Short Dr
10. Angular St
11. Devil’s Jump Rd
12. Gas City, IL
13. Stomping Ground, KY

These were shared via comments on my previous Thursday 13 post:

  • Judy, who has no fear of the dark, shared a place (not a town, not a hamlet, just a place) called Snagerty. It really sounds like the beginning of a great ghost story.
  • Country Dew shared Wild Cat Holler, which sounds suspiciously like something that I’d find near my home town. The big question is, are you gonna go see the lights in Wild Cat Holler?

Hm. I’m kind of wondering if someone could use these weekly place names to make a random story? Note to self for next week.

10 thoughts on “Thursday 13: That’s pure Bull St, man.

  1. Interesting that you’ve set this as your Thursday 13 topic. The thing that came to mind as I was reading your list is that many of the names I take for granted are probably weird or strange to other people. Take the name of my county for instance – Botetourt. Most people don’t even know how to pronounce it.

  2. Some interesting names there! Reminds me of the road we randomly stopped at when we pulled over on the highway this past summer. We were following my daughter in law who had our little 14 month old (at the time) grandson with her. They pulled over because the little guy was puking (another story), but the weird thing is we pulled over right on a road called Oma Road. I’m Oma to my grandson. I wish I’d taken a picture!

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