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NaNoCertMo: Users and Permissions

Can I just say I’ve missed command line? I didn’t realize just how much. I picked up a smattering of Linux in the 90s. Just enough to play and code for a Mu*. (I miss the multi-user shared hallucination, y’all.) Then in my 20s I worked with a mainframe environment, with COBOL and JCL, and also a Unix box. I saved up and got a little house that I loved. I was on a good track. Then I got twitterpated, got foolish, got married, got manipulated into leaving my career (AND WENT ALONG WITH IT. What was I thinking??), and now I want back in. Badly.

The OS class I’m taking is all about PowerShell and Linux, and my brain loves it. It feels a bit like that first sip of coffee in the morning. Like slipping into a hotsprings on a cold night, under the stars. Like a heated blanket when it’s subzero outside.


Yep. I’m definitely getting a dopamine hit from working with command line, again. Oh, brain, why? Why? This is hilarious. I hadn’t quite realized until just now.

Artist’s interpretation of my brain. Photo courtesy of Steven Diaz. Sorry, Steve.

Two sections down. Four sections to go. Twenty days left. Infinite opportunities for dopamine between now and then. Apparently.

Here’s what I finished between November 6th and 10th (today).

Section 2: Users and Permissions – Finished: November 10
15 videos, 3 readings, 1 quiz, 2 assignments.
1. Video: Users, Administrators, and Groups, Oh My!
2. Video: Windows: View User and Group Information – Nov 6
3. Video: Windows: View User and Group Information using CLI
4. Video: Linux: Users, Superuser and Beyond
5. Video: Windows: Passwords
6. Reading: Supplemental Reading for Windows Passwords
7. Video: Linux: Passwords
8. Video: Windows: Adding and Removing Users
9. Video: Linux: Adding and Removing Users
10. Video: Ben Life as a CIO
11. Video: Windows: File Permissions
12. Reading: Supplemental Reading for Windows ACL
13. Video: Linux: File Permissions – Nov 8
14. Video: Windows: Modifying Permissions
15. Video: Linux: Modifying Permissions
16. Video: Windows: Special Permissions
17. Reading: Supplemental Reading for Special Permissions in Windows
18. Video: Linux: SetUID, SetGID, Sticky Bit – Nov 9
19. Discussion Prompt: Your File & Folder Permissions
20. Practice Quiz: Permissions
Graded: Create, Modify, and Remove File and Folder Permissions in Windows
Graded: Create, Modify, and Remove File and Folder Permissions in Linux

2 thoughts on “NaNoCertMo: Users and Permissions

  1. Oh that word ‘twitterpated’. It’s the best! (I used to use that word a lot when my kids were around!)Sorry that it didn’t end well for you.
    Congrats on doing so well in your challenge and rediscovering what you LOVE to learn about!

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