Thursday 13: Wait, did I miss a turn? Where am I?

A quick, quick Thursday 13.

13 of the best place names I’ve seen this week.

1. Devil’s Bridge Rd
2. Grassy Lick Rd
3. Sugar Camp Dr
4. Sharkey Rd
5. Zodiac Loop
6. Shane Ln
7. Summer Lady Ln
8. Crow Canyon Dr
9. Skytrail Ranch Rd
10. Marsh Rabbit Way
11. Clever, MO
12. Star of the Desert Dr
13. Chilhowie, VA

One of the best things I’ve seen on an envelope this week is “Diamond Township” in place of “Coal Township,” with Coal Township, PA, being the real name of the place. Come on. That’s putting a great spin on things.

Brief post today, as it’s been a wacky week of delegations at work. North Korean delegation, Mongolian delegation, and then yesterday, a group of foster mothers who have been with the place I work for about 30 years. One had helped 66 children find homes. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.



    I have to start paying more attention. I love reading street and town names but usually forget them soon after I read them!

  2. Judy T

    oh what fun those are. I can add one to that, it’s a place near here, called ‘snagerty’. not sure where it is, but the people who live there are and that’s what counts, I guess.

  3. CountryDew

    What is it that you do? It sounds fascinating.

    I liked Zodiac Loop. Seems to have possibilities.

  4. Neta

    Another great list! Not sure if I shared this before, but in a town not far from where I live, there’s an intersection. If you turn left, you are on College Way, and if you turn right, it’s called Husband Road. True!