Embracing the goodness of being bad at something.

I’m finding that, after I practice, I feel like I can take on the world. What is so cathartic and energizing about playing badly? And yet, it is. It leaves me feeling more positive about life. More confident in myself. More secure in my sense of self. Why is that? Is it just that I need a win? Maybe it’s the act of pushing through all the layers of emotion that keep coming up. Maybe it’s picking up an instrument at all. I’m glad I picked something undignified. I mean, it’s a ukulele, not a mandolin or cello. If I’m reacting like this to a funny instrument, I can’t imagine I’d have had any success at all learning a more serious one.

Ukuleles are just inherently funny.

Day 10!

ps. Holding this thing is problematic. I think I’ll need a teacher for that, at least. Learning from YouTube only goes so far.