31 Day Ukulele Challenge for 2018

I picked up a beginner tenor ukulele a little over a year ago, and I’ve done nothing but noodle on it. It’s just one more project I haven’t quite committed to. Well. The hell with that.

I’ve picked a song to learn for January. I’m going to practice daily for 15-20 minutes. That’s doable without no excuses. Hopefully I won’t get sick of the song before the month is out.

Why? Because music is a way to connect with a couple of my friends who play instruments. The ukulele in particular is an undignified instrument, so it seemed like a good place to start. It’s a way of healing and improving my relationship to my own creative self, to my humor, to my body, and to my emotional self. Learning music is a clever way of bypassing the usual well-worn routes.

If you really want to subject your ears to some abuse, at the bottom of the page is a short recording of day one of learning chords.

31 Day Ukulele Challenge for 2018:
January 1: Today! Now! This very post!
January 2: Calm the fuck down.
January 3: Hush, Grannie. I’m playing.
January 4: And thus began a tiny rebellion.
January 5: Whole-body earworm.
January 6: I’m learning to be gentle with myself.
January 7: Harmony is any note your neighbor is not singing.
January 8 & 9: Stitching myself together four strings at a time.

*This index is a work in progress, and will change frequently.

Day one of my 31 day ukulele challenge: