Week in Review, Plus Links

Sunday is my “light posting” day, so that I don’t get overwhelmed while I’m barely out of the starting post. I’m a little behind on word count this week, but I was way over the goal last week. Hopefully there’s balance there, somewhere.

Here are some fun and useful things I ran across this week.

First up, Wil Wheaton is my hero more than ever, now. I’ve been following his blog for a little over 8 years, and he just posed an amazing piece on depression, Depression Lies. My favorite quote out of it: “I may have Depression, but Depression doesn’t have me.” It’s a Big Deal when someone who is very much in the public eye talks about this kind of thing.

Beautiful images of lost and forgotten places. I could spend a lot of time on this site. Abandoned Porn (don’t worry, it’s SFW).

More inspiration from The Bloggess on knowing your weaknesses and loving them.

The Meta Picture is generally good for a smile.

Day: 13
Word Count: 100
Word Count This Week: 3265
Word Count To Date: 6773

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