You’re Going To Want To Wash Your Hands

Welcome to Day 29 of the 31 Day Challenge of “Giving Depression The Bird” (but secretly “Fuck Depression”). Lost? Start here.

You may (or may not) have noticed that I’ve been calling it in, and that I missed a day. A few days back, I got fishslapped by the Superflu (aka “Captain Trips“). At least, it felt like the Superflu, but since I haven’t seen anything on the news, it can’t have been. Right? Somebody reassure me here.

The last time I caught the flu, I thought it was the sickest I’ve ever been. That record has now been usurped. I had not yet begun to flu. My new record is vomiting every 30-35 minutes for 16 hours straight. My ribs hurt. so. much. I was honestly starting to worry about needing a trip to the hospital, and, look ma, no insurance. The scariest part was getting the hiccups mid-vomit. Asphyxiation, anyone? Bleargh.

But I’m alive, and I’m upright today. I also now handily have antibodies to the Superflu, so bring it, Mr. King.

Today I can best serve my mental and emotional health by looking after my physical health. I’m sloshing with Pedialyte, and still dehydrated. My ribs and back hurt, my head hurts, and I’m weak as a very weak kitten. (I worked as a care manager at an animal shelter for 2 years. I know whereof I speak.) So I’m changing my sheets (with some help. My husband really does love me) and cleaning out the sickroom stink (very slowly, and with many breaks). (Parentheses are fun.)

One of the interesting things about this 31 day challenge is that I had no idea how many “bad” days I have in a month – sick days, paralyzed by depression days, angry days. I had no clue. All that wasted time. Hopefully this self-care challenge is a first step towards having fewer of those days.

Now I’m going to have more Pedialyte and lay down until I hear the washing machine chime it’s merry tune. I feel like I’ve been through my granny’s mangle.

The pumpkin my stepson carved. Ha ha. Real funny, kid.

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