Second-Hand Puzzles

I like jigsaw puzzles, but I’m also broke. Have you priced brand new puzzles, recently? Yowza!

I’m challenging myself to find puzzles that are not-so-new. My goals are that they are second-hand, traded, from the dollar store, or gifted. I want to teach myself to be OK with the outcome, even if there are missing pieces. I want to learn to sit with that discomfort, and become comfortable with the idea that I’ll not be able to see the whole picture, literally.

I’d like to have no more than 12 puzzles in the to-do queue at any given time. I’ll only pick up additional puzzles if I have five or fewer in the queue.

Completed Jigsaw Puzzles: 5
* New Harbor in Copenhagen, Denmark. Finished 8-6-2018
* In Bloom: Hollyhock Garden. Artist: Timothy Martin. Finished 8-14-18
* Peonies and English Tea. Source: Getty Images, 2009. Finished 8-16-18
* Fantastic Doors Finished 8-17-18
* Sweet Home. Artist: Sascalia Finished 8-24-18

Currently in progress:
* In Bloom: Bayberry Wicker. Artist: Timothy Martin.

Puzzles in the Queue: 10
* Reflections: Clandestine Forest. Artist: Adrian Chesterman.
* The Cats of Charles Wysocki: Frederick the Literate.
* No name provided: Lupines at Sunset. Source: Uncredited.
* Wonders of the World. Artist: Garry Walton, 2017.
* Sweet Home. Artist: Sascalia.
* Star Wars: Keylo Ren. Artist: Disney.
* Country Roads: McKenzie River Lane, Oregon. Photographer: Greg Vaughn
* Vincent and the Doctor: Exploding Tardis as painted by Vincent van Gogh. (You know. The Doctor Who episode featuring the Ugly Cry. It’s just so damn good.)
* Eagle Heart, by Bev Doolittle
* The Lighthouse Keeper, by Dona Gelsinger

Abandoned: 1
* Wine Country, by Susan Winget. Abandoned 8-24-18