Rabbit(s) of Caerbannog

I’m finally on the last section of closet that needs organizing. Time to go through and donate whatever is jammed in there and has been forgotten due to not fitting properly, or because it’s full of holes. This definitely turned out to be the easiest part of the whole closet overhaul, and I wish I’d done it first instead of last. Ah well. Here’s what I started with.

home stretch

And here’s what a whole 15 minutes worth of work got me. The whole closet feels so much better, and I can actually find things without having to maneuver over things all over the floor. The cats lost a few of their favorite hidey-holes, but they have plenty of others to nap in.


Yes, those are killer bunny slippers, because my husband loves me. (Thanks, T!) They’re not too safe to wear while going down the stairs, but they are awesomely warm, with the added bonus of making the cats deeply suspicious.

Killer bunny slippers

They’ve got huge, sharp… er… they can leap about. Look at the bones!

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Rabbit(s) of Caerbannog — 6 Comments

  1. hahahahaha those slippers are super cute. I actually used to have scooby doo slippers, I really miss them!

  2. Love those slippers! And congrats on the closet reclamation project. That’s a lot of progress.