Oh, the places you’ll go.

It’s time for another thrilling adventure with Thursday 13, on a very silly subject.

I will say that now two of my coworkers are hitting me up with odd place names they run across, now. I see my devious plans are beginning to come together.

13 of the best place names I’ve seen this week.

1. Squirrel Rd
2. Sassafrass Tea Rd
3. Red Gate Ln
4. White Fern Rd
5. Bear Wallow Rd
6. Wigeon Way
7. Cattail Cir
8. Red Top Rd
9. Tangled Oaks Dr
10. Whippoorwill Cir
11. Tuttle Ter
12. Plant City, FL
13. Giggleswick Ln

Photo courtesy of Katie Drazdauskaite



    Giggleswick is my favorite and whippoorwill is just a funny word!

    • Jae

      Right?? Half the time I think to myself, “I can’t have heard that place name right.”

  2. sandy kessler

    i live fairly close to Plant City in Spring Lake – would you like to go there??

    • Jae

      Oh my goodness! That’s so neat. Have you visited? Is it full of plants that are green, or the kind of plants people make things in?

  3. CountryDew

    I like Tangled Oak Drive and Whippoorwill Circle

    • Jae

      Tangled Oak Drive is so picturesque. It sounds like it belongs in “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.”