Giving Depression The Bird: 31 Day Challenge

Even out here in the desert-y part of Idaho, Fall is in the air. I can feel my mood dropping as seasonal affective disorder prepares to settle in for a long winter’s nap. I’ve spent most of my life struggling with depression, and its always worse in the winter. When I’m really depressed, I go into “victim of the world” mode. I let things happen to me, instead of trying to make things happen. Then, because I feel helpless instead of in control, I get more depressed. How useless is that?

I’m joining in the 31 Day Challenge hosted by The Nesting Place to see if I can at least give myself a fighting chance against depression. I have to remember that good days don’t just happen. They take some work and planning. So I’m going deliberately do something every day with the intent of dealing with depression. Something that will hopefully help lift my mood.

In fact, for the next 31 days, I’m going to be giving depression the bird. And not just any old bird, either. Oh, no. I’m giving depression the Canada Goose. Why? Because, like my depression, they never leave. Seriously, there are Canada Geese here year-round. They’ve decided they like the place so much that many of them don’t migrate anymore. Lazy fuckers.

I was originally going to go with “Fuck Depression,” but The Nesting Place looks like too kind and gentle a place for that sentiment. So I’m going to call it “31 Days of Giving Depression The Bird,” but I’m going to secretly think of it as “Fuck Depression.” You can think of it however makes you happy. I like the power and owning of it involved in the second sentiment.

Without further ado:

31 Days of Giving Depression the Bird

(But secretly “Fuck Depression.”)

Day 1: For the Birds
Day 2: Gardening is cheaper than therapy
Day 3: Loki in a bathrobe
Day 4: Schrödinger’s support group
Day 5: The Kindness of Strangers: SARK
Day 6: Redefining the goal: I want to thrive.
Day 7: Resources and links
Day 8: 37 Reverse Birthday Cards: Part 1/4
Day 9: 37 Reverse Birthday Cards: Part 2/4
Day 10: 37 Reverse Birthday Cards: Part 3/4
Day 11: 37 Reverse Birthday Cards: Part 4/4
Day 12: Happy birthday to me
Day 13: The most wonderful time of the year
Day 14: Resources and links
Day 15: No sheet, Sherlock
Day 16: Houses with Stairs = Not My Best Friend
Day 17: Happy Feet
Day 18: Flattened But Still Moving (like a bug on the windshield)
Day 19: Morning Has Broken
Day 20: Resources and links
Day 21: Happy anniversary to us
Day 22: Go Downtown
Day 23: Get Out of Town
Day 24: Tea For One
Day 25: Childhood, All Grown Up
Day 26: Do It Anyway
Day 27: Resources and Links
Day 28: Fishslapped by the flu
Day 29: Captain Tripps Pays Me A Visit
Day 30: The Horror
Day 31: Storm Chaser

**ps. I don’t think for a moment that I can “cure” chronic depression in 31 days, nor do I think depressed people need to just buck up and act as if they’re OK. No. No. No. I’m just trying to take back some control of my life. Your mileage may vary.**

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Giving Depression The Bird: 31 Day Challenge — 13 Comments

  1. I am def going to keep up with this. There’s a family history of depression…I’m the only one who escaped. I’m interested to see how you’ll do. Plus, you’re not afraid to use the “f” word on your blog, so you’re obviously a good person.

    • Haha! Thanks. :)

      And yeah, I don’t think I can name more than a handful of blood-relations who don’t have a history of depression. Learning to deal with it in a healthy way is a real trick.

  2. As someone who has struggled with depression and loves several folks who still do, I LOVE THIS SERIES. And for the record, I like the bird thing but I’m totally thinking of it as “Fuck Depression” :) Thanks for being brave and sharing this!

  3. It’s very cool of you to
    1. share something very difficult for anyone to go through,
    and 2. be so open about how to tell it where to go! Good for you. Looking forward to all of the other days (especially the 37 cards – sounds interesting!)

  4. I love your Fuck Depression challenge….you’ve made me laugh and agree with you about how hard it is to fill the bird feeders, so I’m going to have to follow along… as long as I don’t get that feeling where I don’t feel like following along with the challenge;-) so, is there a link or something that I can click to get this in the mail, or will I have to rely on my memory to get my butt over here and to read everyday? Seriously, I love your challenge idea and look forward to reading. :)

  5. I am so excited to follow this series! I have struggled with depression since I became pregnant with my first kiddo back in 2007. I’m sure I was depressed before that, but never did anything about it. Been on meds since and am now starting talk therapy to see if I can come off them and kick this shit to the curb. Ironically, I’m also Canadian ;-) but I live in Arizona now…where it’s always too damn sunny :-) Nice to meet you :-)

    • Hi, Mandy! It’s a pleasure to meet you. :) Antidepressants are a godsend, I tell you what. They’re only part of the solution, though. I like your approach. Absolutely, let’s “kick this shit to the curb.” It doesn’t live here anymore!

  6. Good luck on your quest! I also struggle with depression, but now that fall’s here, I’m actually feeling better. I live in the South, where the summer is probably somewhat like the Idaho winter: you can’t do anything outside because the weather is just unbearable. It’s finally fall and the mosquitoes and humidity are gone, I’m feeling lighter, happier. We may be getting less sunlight, but I can actually go out and enjoy it!

    • Oh, how funny! I hadn’t thought of it that way. Enjoy the Fall weather. :)

  7. Hey Jerimi, just stopping by and catching up, LOVE your sense of humor, thanks for deciding Nesting Place is a gentle blog and going with a pseudonym, but I think your sentiment is right.

    Also, it’s the 14th, we’re almost halfway through!

    • Thank you so much for dropping by! With so many people participating, I didn’t expect to have a comment from you. Thanks!