Category: Writers block

  • Virtual high-fives for everyone

    This month I have written through my own excuses. I’ve looked at them, listened to them, recognized them, and then walked right through them like they were cobwebs disguised as cages. I found out I can do what I didn’t think I could. I’ve learned I can write even when I absolutely don’t think I […]

  • Insane courage, lodgepole pine, and having a voice

    Today’s Five Minute Freewrite prompt is: VOICE I’m not writing today because my voice is not important. My voice got me in trouble when I used it as a kid, and as a wife. My body and heart are quick to remind me why it’s a bad idea. My voice is not important, and when […]

  • This post was filmed before a live imaginary audience.

    Today’s Write 31 Days prompt is: Audience. I’m constantly trying to sneak things past my own internal censor. She’s a fiend with a massive sharpie. (Sometimes a sharpie is just a sharpie.) I have what my biopsist described as a “nice crop of nodules” on my thyroid. It’s uncomfortable to swallow, talk, and/or breath. Makes […]

  • Thursday 13: You live where?

    I’m trying something different, today, and doing a Thursday 13. BEHOLD[note]It will make more sense later[/note]. Here is my list of 13. 13 of the wildest place names I’ve seen this week. 1. Rosebud, AR 2. Humble, TX 3. Dawson Bottom Rd 4. Suds Run Rd 5. Peabody Ave 6. Hidden Forest Ln 7. Whistling […]

  • But I’ve just done my nails, darlings.

    I couldn’t possibly type a single word, today. I’ve just done my nails, darlings. I mean, look at them. Utter perfection, non? There are perks to keeping my nail license, and all of them involve professional discounts, and access to professional products. Look at those magnificent googly eyes. And with that color, I now nearly […]

  • I don’t wanna. You can’t make me.

    I’m not writing today because I don’t feel like it. I’m just not in the mood. I’m not inspired. The motivation fairy hasn’t rapped me over the head with his wand, today[note]Why does the Motivation Fairy look like Hulk Hogan in a tutu? Brain, what are you doing?[/note]. And we all know I don’t go […]

  • Halfway! Time to slack off.

    Is it the 15th? Oh man, FINALLY. It’s the Halfway Point of Doom, folks. DOOM. We made it through the entire first half of this wacky challenge! You know what that means, right? Time to slack off. Don’t I deserve a break, today? Just an itty bitty kitty breather? I sure do. via GIPHY That’s […]

  • I know I’m not writing today, that’s for sure.

    Today’s Write 31 Days Prompt: Five things I know for sure. There isn’t much that I know for sure. There just isn’t. I don’t have immutable truths in my life. I don’t trust immutable truths. So what do I know for sure? I know I’m not writing today, that’s for sure. Nope. Not going to […]

  • It’s my birthday, and I’m sad.

    In 2012, I made a list of 37 birthday wishes, and the first one was this: I wish for a second lifetime with my Travis. This is my first birthday post-divorce. I can’t say it’s the first one without him, or the first one I’ve spent alone, because if I didn’t plan something for my […]

  • Can’t write. I’m too busy healing.

    I had a Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA) meeting to go to, so I couldn’t possibly write for the 31 Day Challenge, today. Nope. Can’t write. I’m too busy healing and learning. Big job, healing. I shared for the first time. A few others had shared on the topic of trying to be helpful, easing the path […]