Category: Fun place names

  • Oh, the places you’ll go.

    It’s time for another thrilling adventure with Thursday 13, on a very silly subject. I will say that now two of my coworkers are hitting me up with odd place names they run across, now. I see my devious plans are beginning to come together. 13 of the best place names I’ve seen this week. […]

  • This must be the place

    I love language, and I love place names. So of course, I’m sharing that love while participating in Thursday 13. I got a little off track because my apartment manager lost my lease, then decided I had to sign a new lease, move out, or be moved out, and I had four days to do […]

  • Thursday 13: Say what?

    This is my second week of trying out Thursday 13. It’s kind of fun. I find myself actively watching for weird place names, now. Top 13 fantastic place names I’ve seen this week: 1. Stardust Way 2. Vassal Ct 3. Apple Valley, CA 4. Effort, PA 5. Happiness Ln 6. Waddy, KY 7. Supply, NC […]

  • Thursday 13: You live where?

    I’m trying something different, today, and doing a Thursday 13. BEHOLD[note]It will make more sense later[/note]. Here is my list of 13. 13 of the wildest place names I’ve seen this week. 1. Rosebud, AR 2. Humble, TX 3. Dawson Bottom Rd 4. Suds Run Rd 5. Peabody Ave 6. Hidden Forest Ln 7. Whistling […]